Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dance Of The Whale

Been so long he got fascinate since every night

he always hears the wail of a whale

Then in one morning, when he is about to gargle he witness

the thing marooned between his tartar

“Who are you and why are you here?” he asks surprisedly while looking into the mirror

“I am drowned by your unconsciousness,” answer the animal

while trying to set free, “Please return me to my time.”

Then at night again he does a ritual

that he pawed from childhood memories:

creating little river in his throat

from a cup of warm milk

that he believes will perform seven oceans

in his stomach

At the peak of his dream that night he sees

the whale is dancing happily, swimming further from him,

“I will protect Jonah in the warmth of my tummy

like you take care of Moby Dick in your mind.”

Translated by Rilla

from a beautifull work by Akmal N Basral "Tarian Paus"

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